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Birdnest Garden Lodge is a private house situated in a forest setting in the heart of the prestigious South Gambian Eco Development Area almost at the border with Casamance, region located in the Southern part of Senegal, still untouched and not in the traditional touristic itinerary.

The big challenge in creating the lodge has been building in an area with no infrastructure at all, starting from digging well by hand from local experts, till the realization of each detail with a very tasteful variety of hand made furniture.

The concept and realization of this project was totally taken care by the owners which are architects.

They exploited all the local materials and together with the craftsmen, they encouraged a team of local people to work and create this wonderful Lodge.

The lodge has been realized within a secure environment where all can enjoy hospitality and leisure pursuits​

The lodge has communal areas equipped with free WI-FI internet connection where you can relax, read a book check your mails or listen some soft music.


We are 2 km from the ocean so it's simple for our guest to spend a lovely day on the beach ! If you want, we can provide you a pic-nice basket for your lunch.

Restaurant view
Restaurant view
Bungalow's veranda
Our garden
Our bungalows
Our garden
Our painter
Our water system
Local women
Our entrance
Eco-sustainable power production
Our garden
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